Thursday, August 30, 2018


“I loved you for the good I saw in you, for the good you gave others, whether smiles or laughs (both given and received), helping hands or monetary assistance, or kind or appreciative words about others.  I never loved you based on how the world saw you and for your excessive desire to be accepted and worshiped.  I didn’t love for the same reasons that you thought you needed to possess to receive that ‘love’ and acceptance from others.  I loved you, because I loved you.  The more I loved, the more I loved.  Love is habitual. 

Hate is habitual, too.  If hate is practiced, it will breed hate.  The more one hates, the more they hate. 

Action begets feeling, and feeling thereafter begets more action, and the cycle continues.

To birth a world of love, one must practice love, even in a world of hate.  A world of hate will birth a World of Hate.  A world of love will birth a World of Love. 

I believe in the possibility of a world of love.  I believe all can be Love or all can be Hate.  I also believe in the possibility of everything in the middle.  It only takes one seed to bring about a change in either direction.  All seeds, good and bad, die, and death is the constant reminder of love, because if there is love, it lives on beyond the deceased.  Those genes—that spirit—live on. 

We ARE the gods of this earth, and we hold the ultimate power in whether we love or hate, whether we beget more love or beget more hate.  What we reap, we sow.  What we beget, we bring forth.”

~Tara Nicole Lang Chapman~