Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ridiculous Statements From Trump Supporters

The top thing I am sick of hearing about Donald Trump is that he "tells it like it is" or "tells the truth."  These are very common statements from his supporters.  Of course, what it really means is that he is not afraid to say what's on his hateful mind and that he speaks even lies like he believes them as truth.

There's something else I'm really fed up hearing from Trump supporters, though.  I keep hearing, "He can't be bought."  "Trump is the only one who can't be bought."

Wow!  Ok people, let's think about this.  First of all, in case you didn't realize, Donald Trump is a billionaire.  A billionaire.  With a 'b.' (If he really is.)  In his own words, he's so very rich.  Does he not keep reminding us that he's filthy rich?!  So when people say something like, "People can't buy off Trump," I can't help but think, "Are you stupid?"  Bribes appeal much more to those who don't have billions of dollars.  Trump doesn't need more money, so he probably couldn't care less.  However, he gets away with all the hateful shit he spews out of his mouth because he's rich and because there are plenty of hateful-minded people to loyally support him.

On the other hand, Bernie Sanders isn't being bought off by anyone.  He's only receiving small donations from individuals.  He can speak loudly against the wealthy and corrupt corporations who are pretty much buying our government because he's not being paid by them.  Not a penny!

Then there are people who share how much they admire Trump for being so successful.  Oh yes, well it does make it a lot easier when one's father leaves him with a large inheritance to invest.  Any of us can do that.  He hasn't done any better than any of the rest of us would have if we'd have inherited the same and invested it.  I like how this guy explains it.  He's got people with intelligence to run his companies for him.  That's a big help as well.

Once again, if we look at Bernie Sanders, we see that his level of success, in comparison, is worthy of admiration and appreciation.  He's far from being a billionaire, but he had immigrant parents and lived in poverty growing up, and he's become a U.S. senator and is running for president.  He's come a long a way.  To see him talk about that during the Democratic Town Hall was very moving for me.

Enough with the ridiculous statements about the hateful billionaire buffoon!