Friday, May 29, 2015

Elisha a False Prophet and Yahweh a Lover of Human Sacrifice

I was putting together what I'm finding in the bible that the Israelite-Canaanite-Phoenician god Yahweh loves human sacrifice, so long as it's to him, when I came across the fact that not only is that suitable, but Elisha was a false prophet.

I'll write more about human sacrifice tomorrow, but real quickly here:

2 Kings 3:18 says that Elisha said that the Moabites would be delivered into the hands of Israel and Edom.

Okay, read through, keep reading.  They are killing the Moabites, and then...

And interestingly enough these next two verses I have high-lighted in the color I used for my family studies for a section in the book I've been planning.  Ironic how I didn't see the bigger picture before.  Isn't that interesting how at certain times we just don't see things that we see at later times?  We may have our eyes open to some things, but then we remain blinded to others. 

Vs. 26-27 state that when the battle looked grim to the king of Moab, he grabbed his eldest son, his heir, and he offered him for a burnt offering upon the wall.  How absolutely awful.

Now the god of Moab was Chemosh, but it doesn't say there whether the king offered his son to Chemosh or to Yahweh.  Either way...

There was great wrath against Israel, so Israel fled.  Yep!  So Moab wasn't delivered into Israel's hands, as Elisha prophesied.  Israel ended up fleeing before they finished the job, and it was this "wrath" against Israel after the Moabite king sacrificed his firstborn.  Whether it was supposedly Chemosh's wrath or Yahweh's wrath, depending unto whom the Moabite king sacrificed, two things are evident:

1. Elisha is a false prophet.
2. Yahweh is either wicked for accepting Moab's sacrifice to him, or he allowed Chemosh to beat him.

End of story.

But more really horrific things tomorrow, as I'm sorting through the verses in my bible.  Just wait to see what it's in store.

Make sure if you are reading this and you want the truth yourself, check those scriptures and read it thoroughly for yourself.