Friday, May 29, 2015

The Tree Story is Impossible: Part 2

Oh yes, that's right.  When using the brain with which I was supplied, I thought of two more reasons why the tree story is ridiculous, after I posted part one.

First:  Is death good or evil?  Adam and Eve obviously knew what it meant.  Notice when they were told by El/Elohim that they would surely die in the day the day they knew what good and evil was, they're not recorded as to having asked what "die" means.  But Eve repeated it to the serpent, saying Elohim said that they would die.  It all seems to imply she knew what dying meant.  So, clearly they already knew some evil before eating the fruit.

The simple revealing of what it means to die is some knowledge of good and evil.  I think Adam and Eve would likely think of their lives as good and that dying would be evil.

Second:  There was also the tree of life.  Why didn't they just eat from that tree first?  And what would that mean?  That they'd get spirit bodies to live forever?  Then they couldn't reproduce more flesh-bodied people so that their offspring could make their own choices whether to "know good and evil."

Did it mean they'd just stay alive as long as they continually ate from it?  But that wouldn't make sense, because it sounds as if they were going to live indefinitely in physical bodies, anyway, so long as they didn't eat from the Knowledge tree.  There was nothing saying, "You'll die eventually, anyway, so long as you don't eat from that tree."  From the post-eating words from the Elohim, it sounds as if they decided to guard the tree of life to prevent Adam and Eve from living forever.

So what if Adam and Eve had eaten from the tree of life first and so would have lived forever?  Then what if they'd eaten from the knowledge tree afterward?  Or would that tree then be blocked off if they'd eaten from the tree of life first?   We already know that the Elohim said, after the garden couple had eaten from the knowledge tree, that they then were like the Elohim in that they knew good from evil.  So having the same knowledge of what is good and bad like the Elohim can't be tolerated, but living forever like the Elohim would have been tolerated, had they eaten from the tree of life first?

But if they'd have lived forever, then they'd eventually know good and evil, regardless of whether they'd eat from the knowledge tree, as I explained in my part one post.

And besides, later on in the bible the knowing what is good from evil is hailed as a good thing and that we should seek knowledge and choose the good and reject the evil.

It's making a lot of sense now why it's said a person needs to become like a little child in order to believe in all this nonsense.  A poor innocent child will usually just believe what their authority figures tell them, without question.

Of course, this is just the beginning of the breakdown of the absolute folly of the book people call the bible.  I am one of the many who bought into it all and now have gone into it fresh and unblinded, putting aside pre-indoctrination and can see it for what it is.